Chiropractic Proves to be an Important Part of Pet Rehabilitation

Since joining the Back on Track team in June, 2018, Dr. Parker’s chiropractic services have proven to be a great addition to our rehab treatment options. Working in conjunction with our other protocols, her care has helped improve the lives of many of our patients. 

Canine Chiropractic care helps restore good health to our rehab patients

Dr. Parker Pet Chiropractic at Back on Track Vet.jpg

Chiropractic treatment is often recommended when an animal’s muscle or joint movement appears to be abnormal. Adjustments in turn aid the nervous system and allow the body to heal and work at optimum ability. When humans go to the chiropractor they are often in some pain or have a neurological issue that needs to be treated. Dogs can have the same kinds of ailments, but they don’t have the ability to describe exactly what's bothering them; they can only make their discomfort known by their behavior. Pet-owners usually notice the symptoms as they observe changes in their pet’s normal activity.

As one example, we had a dog who was receiving acupuncture therapy for back issues, a neck injury, and some weakness in the back end.  He was able to move around adequately, but was most unsteady in the rear. Chiropractic adjustment was added to the acupuncture therapy to help keep the nerves in that area moving and responding.

Active dogs need checkups to assure top performance

More athletic dogs such as agility dogs, protection training (IPO) dogs, herding dogs, or even dogs that like to jump and run during play, can twist an ankle or land in an awkward way causing injury that chiropractic treatment can improve.

We worked with an active nine year old Boxer whose owners first noticed he was having some weakness in the back end.  Later, they noticed an atrophy beginning including some muscle loss going on in the top line. Sometimes, when a patient has some weakness in the back, it can be a neurological issue.  With this particular Boxer, an evaluation was performed to check reflexes for neurological loss, watch for any balance issues, and observe his gait. This helped determine that he would benefit from chiropractic treatment.  Dr. Parker started adjustments for him, and chiropractic care has aided to improve mobility and nerve function. 

Especially in these cases, patients benefit most from the teamwork of Back on Track’s staff, working with Dr. Parker to determine the best combination of treatment protocols, including chiropractic, massage and rehab therapies.

Age, weight, or body structure put some dogs at higher risk of injury

At Back on Track, we suggest a chiropractic evaluation when clients describe changes in a dog’s normal behavior, such as suddenly being unable to climb up on the couch or jump up on the bed like they used to. Older dogs are likely to have some arthritis, and some general wear and tear. Owners will notice their pets slowing down, beginning to struggle; they can't climb the steps as easily, or they can’t get in and out of the car without discomfort. Any of these issues are a good reason to have a chiropractic exam.

Being overweight causes extra stress on the body, which can affect the spine. Also, there are breeds more inclined to disc damage. Dachshunds are a good example. Their bodies are not designed well for jumping and when their short legs are expected to bear the weight of jumping up to or down from high places, the spine suffers. 

Chiropractic care is beneficial not only in treating an existing issue, but regular treatments can keep a dog feeling optimal and possibly protect them from injury. Young dogs can especially benefit from adjustments every 6 weeks or so to avoid the effects of neurological stress down the road. Regular care at any age can keep the nervous system functioning well throughout their life.

Low Stress Handling

As in all our treatment protocols at Back On Track, we are very careful to ensure chiropractic care patients are relaxed and calm during a session. We want your pets to feel safe and trust us to take care of them without causing unnecessary pain or discomfort. Using our calming techniques and treats, we are able to perform diagnostics and treatments without adding to their stress level.

In our efforts to provide state of the art options for our patients, we are glad to have the expertise of Dr. Parker’s chiropractic treatments as part of our overall health and well-being therapy choices for our patients.