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Back on Track Veterinary Clinic is outstanding.  I have a Schnocker (Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel mix). He is a nervous dog when going to the Vet.  On his latest visit to see Dr. Witten when she cuddled him and talked to him, she took his heart rate and it wasn't even racing. That says a lot about the care and treatment they give to animals.

This entire staff is friendly and they truly understand how important your pet is to you and they show genuine love to the animals.

Diane W.

The whole team at Back on Track is so outstanding that we drive all the way from University City for our dog's vet and grooming appointments. My 11 year old aussie sees Dr. Witten. My dog is vet-shy after some stressful vet visits when she was a puppy (in Oklahoma, not here). The entire team keeps that in mind and goes out of their way to make my dog feel as comfortable as possible, offering treats, cuddles and calm, friendly greetings. The vet techs, Kellie, Sherri and Nicole are clear animal lovers and seem passionate about what they do. 

Dr. Witten is a compassionate, thoughtful and exceedingly knowledgable healthcare provider. She takes her time and thoroughly addresses any concerns that brought us in. Though Dr. Witten is our usual vet, we had the opportunity to see Dr. Branscum on one last-minute visit and had a great experience with her, as well. We haven't met Dr. Mueller, but heard good things about her from the staff. 

I know my dog is in good hands with the groomer, Bradi. She leaves her appointments happy and looking/smelling great. Bradi is really fantastic with animals, and I am happy to know my dog is being snuggled and spoiled while she is getting groomed. 

If you're looking for a groomer and/or vet in the West County area, I think Back on Track is as good as it gets.


My little Tabatha cat had a wonderful experience at Back On Track Vet Hospital. And of course, it was very caring of the Back on Track staff to call back us the next day and check on their little patient. 100% recommended!!!!!! From now on this is our Vet Clinic.

Natalia Banks

Amazing! They go above and beyond to make sure my pup is comfortable while at appointments with stress free handling. Dr. Witten and staff are phenomenal and truly care.

Karen Young

My Siberian Husky Nanuk had a shoulder injury competing in agility. Before going to back on track we went to a dog chiropractor and a dog masseuse and neither party could diagnose his injury. Several people recommended Back on Track, so we made an appointment.

Dr Witten gave him an evaluation and recommended 6-8 weeks of laser therapy along with strength and conditioning. I've never seen Nanuk so relaxed when going to the vet. They really took their time to make him comfortable and to allow him to adjust. We returned to the agility ring 2 months later and haven't had any issues since. Since our recover, Nanuk has earned his agility championship and got 4th place at AKC Agility Invitationals. Without the help of Dr Witten and the vet technicians our success probably wouldn't have gone that far. I highly recommend Back on Track if it's for general shots or checkups and especially for rehab work. Thank you so much!!!

Rusty Boone

We've been taking our Maltese and cat to Back on Track for about a year. We and our animals love the place and the staff.  Two months ago we ended up having to put our cat down. He had diabetes for many years and after 16 1/2 trips around the sun, it was time for him to bid us adieu.

One day, late in the afternoon, he probably had a seizure at home. We called the office and explained what had happened. They told us to come right to them. His vitals were very, very low. Dr. Witten stabilized him and basically brought him back to life.  We discussed options. Our biggest concern was quality of life. His recovery would be seriously complicated by diabetes. After agonizing, we decided to put him down. 

Dr. Witten and staff were amazing. It was now after closing; there was absolutely no rush to get things done and get us out the door. The entire event was done professionally with a great deal of compassion and sympathy. Dr. Witten and staff explained exactly what they would do and exactly what would happen. Everything was just the way they said it would be. They left us alone with McWire to say our good byes. They checked on us to make sure we were ok.

All in all, they made a terrible experience bearable. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone at Back on Track who helped us and McWire.

Steven R. Rosenblatt


I have a cat that is terrified at the vet. They were calm, gentle and patient. They have a cat only exam room where it was quiet and soothing. I am also very impressed with how clean and fresh smelling everything is. Definitely recommend Back on Track.

Jacqueline Soete

I was had read about cold laser therapy and when I asked my vet about it, he referred me to Dr. Witten. I am so glad he did! My dog has arthritis and the laser therapy does wonders, but there is so much more! My dog now has a comprehensive treatment plan and she feels so VERY much better. Thank you Back on track! !

Randy Wildebrandt

Excellent Experience! One of our dogs had a cut on his rear paw. We were having trouble getting the wound to heal because of the location. We saw Dr. Witten. Dr. Witten did a thorough, careful exam of our dog. She clearly understood the problem. She recommended a conservative course of treatment. We followed Dr. Witten's directions. Our dog responded wonderfully. We couldn't be happier!

Owner of dog, Vyper

Dr. Witten goes above and beyond to ensure the health and well being of her 4 legged patients!

In 2011 Vyper vom Logan Haus came home to be my next competition dog, and my first Malinois. Even though he grew (and grew) into a good sized moose, he was always an absolute dream to train; smart, and stable, and full of drive. At about a year old we discovered he had been born with bad hips - thanks to the puppy health guarantee from his amazing breeder, I was given a replacement puppy, but I was able to keep Vyper. 

He trained for a bit longer, got a few titles, but soon retired from work due to he condition of his hips, and the asymmetry in his hind end muscles because of it. Vyper became a wonderful pet, and a puppy raiser, but didn't really participate in any training.

In 2015, Back on Track Veterinary Hospital and Rehab Center opened, and we were able to add weekly (and sometimes twice a week) water treadmill exercises to Vyper's existing physical therapy exercises. Thanks to Dr. Witten and her staff, Vyper is in the best physical condition he's been in since his hip diagnosis. His muscles are in great shape, and it's no longer as obvious that he's even dysplastic. Because of this, we've decided to jump back into training and set our sights for AKC Obedience and Rally.

I'm over the moon, and my heart couldn't be more full of joy for my big, goofy, Maligator!

Lynsey Fuegner

Vicky Goff

Owner of cat, Tali
Back On Track is the best! The doctors & staff care deeply about your animals, and do all they can to ensure your pet's comfort during his or her visit. Your cat has taken to pouting in the sink and won't budge? No problem - the doctors will do their exam right where your pet has decided she feels most comfortable, quick and painless as possible! Does your pet love to be fawned over, told over & over how pretty she is, & have her picture taken like a super model on a runway? The doctors & staff are more than happy to give her all the attention & praise she can handle! Does your cat stress out when she smells dogs, or vice versa? The separate rooms for dogs & cats REALLY make a difference! Are you yourself worried about trying to decipher confusing medical words when you're already worried about your pet's health? The doctors & staff here take the time to explain everything in real words you can actually understand. They want to be sure you have all the information you need, to give your beloved pet the very best life possible!

Back On Track will always be the vet clinic for me! No matter the distance, they will always be worth the trip! I know Tali will always be in the best hands there - and your pet will too! Give them a try!

Owner of dogs, Snickers and Cheese
Dr. Witten is an amazing vet! I have known her for many, many years and she rocks! I also consider her a personal friend! My 14.5 year old Golen has acupuncture and laser treatments once a month. She also has massage every other week! She has incredibly bad hips and joints as I knew when I adopted her at age eight. Without the much needed therapy, she would no longer be with us! She is doing amazingly well thanks to Dr. W! Come from far and wide! She is amazing!!!

Rebecca Yorke

Owner of dogs, Odie and Riley
Thank you so much for all you do for our kids. The doctors and staff at Back On Track have been caring for our furry kids for nearly 20 years. They have been with us from first checkups to cancer treatments and even helping us when we needed to say good-bye and letting them go to Rainbow Bridge, showing the most professional care and family friendship that you could want. In fact, we have become friends and feel just like family with all of them. We trust Back on Track with our furry kids, and if you want the best care for your kids, you should too. Just tell ‘em Patty, Big Bob, Odie, and Riley sent you.

Patty Barton

Owner of dog, Aimee
Dr. Witten is a phenomenal veterinarian. She absolutely goes the extra mile when our beloved pets are in need. She's an open-minded holistic vet who encourages out of the box thinking to unite both eastern and western practices together for the very best outcomes possible. If you need a regular vet, she's your go to vet, they also offer acupuncture and Chinese herbs along with rehabilitation services including underwater treadmill therapy. A couple years ago we learned the value of underwater treadmill therapy, it was an invaluable tool to help our spinal cord injured dog regain mobility. Dr. Witten is a 10 star vet!

Jeri Zerr

Kind, caring, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Witten and her staff are amazing! Wish I could rate higher than just 5 stars! Thanks for being awesome.

Owner of dog, Nik
We are in week 5 of 12 in rehab for my beloved Nik. After extensive surgery, fused joint, large plate and 9 weeks in a bandage… we are up to 30 minutes on the underwater treadmill! There are not enough words of praise for Back on Track Rehabilitation Center. The ENTIRE staff are just tremendous human beings with so much care and love for my Nik. Everyone has such a wonderfully calm delivery which for pets that are nervous is such a blessing. No question goes unanswered and explanations are completely thorough. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart… Thank You!

Linda Rivard

Sarah Demitroff 

Owner of dog, Scout
"I don't think I could have asked for a more kind and caring staff! Dr. Witten was wonderful and personally followed up with me regarding my dog Scout's skin treatment. I referred my mom and she was also more than pleased — a heart murmur was detected that had gone unnoticed for years by a previous vet. The exam was thorough and you can genuinely tell these gals love animals. A very nice and clean facility! It's comforting knowing your fur babies are in good hands."

Robin Chickering

Owner of dogs, Stevie Ray and Figaro
"I was SO thrilled when I found out that Dr. Witten was starting her own practice with all of my favorite vets and techs! The first time I went to the clinic, I felt like I was "home again". Stevie Ray loves coming to BOT to see his girlfriend, Kellie:) If I dare to come in without him, Kellie asks, "Where's my boyfriend?" This is "paws down" the absolute BEST vet clinic in the St. Louis area, and I don't hesitate to recommend Back on Track to all of my doggie pals. It is so wonderful to have a place where you know the staff loves your dogs and cats, and works so hard to keep the vet experience positive and as stress-free as possible. Not to mention the high level of expertise and the willingness to try new technology and techniques, keeping up with the latest research in veterinary medicine. Thank you for all you do!!!

 Mary Webb

Owner of dog, Duke
"Dr Witten was wonderful with Duke favoring his leg. Then we found a cancerous lump and he passed away 4 months later. The staff was great and so compassionate. Duke loved coming and seeing the girls!!!"

Joanie Taylor

Owner of dog, Johnnie Longjohn
"I could not recommend any doctor, staff, or facility any higher than Back on Track. In fact, I literally go the extra mile just so Johnnie Longjohn gets the most love and the best care possible! Thank you, Dr. Witten...and thanks to your entire caring, dedicated staff."