General Veterinary Services

Veterinary Technicians Sherri Sawyer and Melissa Minor, and client Doug Ruby talk about some of the general veterinary services we provide here at Back on Track.

We are a full-service veterinary hospital offering optimal wellness care including a comprehensive physical exam, a vaccine schedule tailored to your pet's lifestyle, wellness blood testing from our in-house lab machines to check  internal health, intestinal parasite checks, and heartworm checks.  Our experienced doctors and staff can assist you in addressing behavioral questions.  In fact, we believe that both physical and mental health are vital components to healthy overall quality of life.

Our other in-house services include digital radiography, urinalysis, blood pressure checks/monitoring, blood checks including a CBC (complete blood count), thyroid checks, and complete blood chemistries which give us a window into your pet's internal health as well as the ability to offer quick treatment solutions for your sick pets! 

We have a full pharmacy including supplements and Chinese herbs to better serve your pet's needs. We also offer nutritional counseling/consults including guidance for non-traditional diets or homemade diets.

Please call us for an appointment today at (636) 477-6740! We also offer convenient drop off appointments.