Low Stress Handling

Relaxed Pets are our Best Patients

We understand a visit to the vet can induce anxiety, so we use a low-stress handling approach in exams and treatment. Our first priority in patient care is ensuring your pet is comfortable with us throughout your visit. Using a variety of tested comforting techniques like pheromone sprays throughout the facility for a familiar scent, sitting on the floor and offering treats to gain trust, treating felines in our cat-only room removed from the scent and sound of canines, and playing classical music throughout the clinic, we want your pet to be comfortable and happy with each visit to our clinic.

Treating our patients with tender loving care is as important to our doctors and staff as the medical care we provide. When your pets are comfortable with us and our office, their experience here is better for them, you, and us! In this video, members of our team talk about their commitment to handling your pet with care.