Pet Insurance: Is it Worth Considering?

Thinking about getting health insurance for your pets? Here are some reasons that make it worth considering:

We all know the advantages of having pets in our lives. They love us unconditionally, and there are a number of proven health benefits for people, including physical, mental, and emotional improvements, from enhancing social skills to decreasing a person's risk of heart attack. Recent studies reveal that children who grow up with pets have less risk of allergies and asthma. Many also learn responsibility, compassion, and empathy when there's a dog or cat in the family.

We are also aware there are certain costs associated with owning pets and appropriately taking care of them. Many of us will budget for their yearly expenses including exams, wellness blood testing, intestinal parasite checks, vaccines, and their heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives. But what about those unexpected costs? What if they tear their knee cruciate ligament, have an intervertebral disc rupture, an intestinal obstruction, pancreatitis, or any other condition requiring hospitalization and/or surgery?

Enter in the advantage of having pet insurance! Pet insurance enables owners to offer their pets the best medical care possible when faced with unexpected expenses due to illness or trauma. Most pet insurance companies offer plans that include emergency coverage that offer reasonable monthly fees to cover 80% or more of healthcare costs. Here are my top considerations when looking at different plans:

Do your research

There was a time when there were only one or two pet insurance companies to choose from. Now there are many, and it pays to do your homework: Realize that most will not cover any prexisting conditions and older pets may have a higher rate, as do some breeds. Investigate what each insurer's plans cover. Some will help to cover kennel fees, as well as behavioral consultations, rehabilitation services, or alternative therapies such as acupuncture. When evaluating plans, try to get information from independent reviews. One that is available on the internet is the Pet Insurance Review. Additionally, look into the details on how they handle their deductibles and reimbursements. Check the online reviews as well to see how consumers rate their customer service and how quickly they can cover claims.

Ultimately, pet insurance offers the peace of mind that when needed, you can obtain the best care for your beloved pets.