We offer an array of grooming services for both dogs and cats including: 

Yorke Looking in Mirror Photo
  • Bathing services, including medicated baths

  • Breed trims

  • Brush-outs

  • Walk in pedicures (nail trim or nail grind )

  • Ear cleaning

  • Shedding control services

  • Scented facials

Grooming has many benefits for both dogs and cats! Regular grooming enhances circulation to the body surface, which results in a healthier skin and coat. It also removes dead hair, dirt and dandruff, and distributes natural oils throughout the coat giving it that natural sheen. Additionally, it keeps your pet free from painful matting which can lead to skin irritations or infections. 

Our groomer is experienced and dedicated to using low stress handling techniques to make the grooming experience as pleasant as possible.  In fact, regular grooming can contribute to a more relaxed and happy pet! We use gently formulated shampoos and we do not used heated cage dryers. We also offer separate accommodations for cats to decrease stress.

Please stop by our facility to meet our groomer or call with any questions! 

Cat Grooming Photo

Grooming hours: 

Monday – Friday: 7:30-5pm

By appointment only. Back On Track requires up-to-date vaccine records prior to grooming. 

Call (636) 477-6740 to schedule an appointment today!